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GoRound, Sturdy & Durable Wood Covers

Stop bothering with tearing tarps that retain too much moisture and opt for the top-of-the-line wood covers specifically designed for Canadian weather

We Couldn’t Find the Wood Cover We Needed, so We Created It


No Need for a Rack or Storage Support

The Holz Hausen is a self-supporting firewood stacking method that allows wood to dry without the need for a firewood rack or shed.

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100% Waterproof, Tearproof, UV and Wind Resistant

The high quality materials we use make GoRound wood covers resistant to all types of weather, ensuring a complete protection for your wood.

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Optimal Drying of Wood Away From the Risk of Mold

Two top vents allowing moisture evacuation and providing a better airflow, while a bottom mesh allows water to drain away, ensuring optimal drying.

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More Stable and Much Safer Wood Pile

The Holz Hausen stacking method results in much stronger wood pile structure than traditional face cords, reducing the chances of collapsing on a child or an animal.

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Much Easier to Move Than a Traditional Wood Pile

Round wood piles allow for greater mobility of your firewood storage since it is obviously easier to move a round wood pile than a shed when you need to move it to another location

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Easy and Quick Access to Your Logs When Needed

The clips that hold the top cover with the bottom mesh together are very easily accessible and allows you to get the logs you need without hassle.

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Some Satisfied & Happy GoRound Customers

“I’ve had a number of GoRound covers for a winter season. They are high-quality shields against the wind and rain. They adjust easily as you burn the pile, and the neighbors say they look great!"

Bruce James, PA, USA

"I have long been intrigued with the Holz Hausen method of stacking firewood and last year decided to purchase a 72" and 96" diameter cover from goround.ca

I received my order promptly and was impressed with the quality of the cover, vents and straps. My covers have been in use since February of this year and have stood up to the elements extremely well.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the products and actually hope to purchase another cover soon!"

Chris, Ontario (Canada)

"I was pleased with the timely delivery and quality of the GoRound cover I received. There was a small issue with one of the straps, but customer service replied promptly and sent a free replacement right away. Highly recommended!"

Roy, New Hampshire (USA)


When Stored in This Way, Is the Wood Subject to Mold?

Absolutely not! The Holz Hausen technique can keep wood free of mold if used in the right way. As we explain from the Firewood Storage Method page, it is important to start by choosing the right location.

For example, if the pile is on a surface that allows water to drain properly, such as asphalt, sand, gravel or some other structure (for example, one of our customers uses old wooden pallets as a base for his pile), the wood will be preserved very well. However, if the pile is mounted on organic material such as grass or soil, in that case, yes, some bottom logs may potentially carry the risk of mold, as this is how nature works.

Finally, GoRound wood covers also have a bottom mesh that allows water to drain away, ensuring optimal wood drying.

What Makes a GoRound Wood Cover More Suitable Than a Conventional Tarp?

A tarp does not quite address the same issues as our GoRound wood cover for many reasons:

  • $10 tarps are not always made of materials that can withstand all kinds of weather, including our harsh North American winters. GoRound wood covers are made with materials that are resistant to both extreme cold and UV.
  • Tarps do not have straps with clips designed to hold the wood cover securely to the wood pile. It is therefore necessary to purchase cords and other materials that are not stitched to the cover. This is especially important to consider for high winds.
  • Tarps do not have top vents for better air flow and to help prevent mold and mildew caused by moisture accumulation.
  • They do not have a mesh base to effectively drain the water and keep the wood protected from humidity, thus ensuring optimal drying.
  • Tarps are offered in square or rectangular format, therefore less adapted for the Holz Hausen circular stacking method.

GoRound wood covers are designed to specifically address all of these issues.

Why Does the Length of GoRound Cover Not Cover All the Wood Pile?

We have deliberately designed our covers with this length for two reasons:

#1 - To ensure optimal drying of the wood. 

Because two elements allow the wood to dry: the sun and the wind. If there is no air flow through the logs, they won't dry properly. So, with this design, air can easily circulate through your wood pile.

#2 - It makes it easier to access your wood.

From a functional point of view, having too much fabric is problematic, because it does not allow you to easily access your firewood all year round.

Is the Mesh Base Included Too?

Yes, absolutely! The bottom mesh is used as a guiding permieter to properly stack your firewood and clip it with the top cover to keep it safe during high winds.