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Our Story


Growing up, we always had a passion for camping, campfire, forest, and traveling to the outdoors with our families. We were raised with an appreciation for the outdoors, adventure, freedom, and always have high-quality gears.

At the time, the tarps available to protect our firewood just weren’t up to our needs – the bungees would break, the material would tear up, become brittle or even worse, the wind would blow away our tarp leaving us with collapsed stack of wet firewood. Not only was it a hassle to re-stack our firewood and replace our tarp, but also these cheaply and ordinary tarps were wasting our good time. And that frustration led us to a solution.

In 2021, GOROUND was founded with a simple mission: Committed in creating long-lasting, high-end quality products to protect your firewood. Today GOROUND performs when it matters most.