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GOROUND 8ft Firewood Cover Heavy Duty Waterproof Fabric


High-end wood cover for rows designed to withstand harsh North American winters and all types of weather. This firewood cover is ideal for small spaces such as balconies or terraces, allowing quick access to your logs during the winter.

It can be use with or without a firewood rack. Made with high quality materials to keep your wood dry and protected from the rain, snow and ice, all year long.

Material: PVC Coated Polyester


  • Waterproof, tearproof, extreme cold and UV resistant
  • Two handles to help lift your cover
  • One base mesh on the bottom to allowing water to evacuate properly
  • Easy to use tie downs and push clips, providing easy and quick access to your logs
  • High durability (thick but light)
  • 2-years warranty

Wood Pile Capacity:

  • 48" x 96" x 18", recommended for 16" logs. The capacity of a face cord